Web Architecture And Components Which Enable Internet And Web Functionality

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P1 Web Architecture and Components which enable Internet and Web Functionality
Web Architecture
Web architecture is the design and structure of a website, like building a house or a building it must start from the basics in order to work and function properly.
Internet Service Providers (ISP)
An internet service provider is important as they supply the company or person with access to the internet. The internet service provider will normally charge for this service to connect to the internet. The most common ways to connect with an ISP is through a dial up connection or broadband. Within the past few years however broadband has become more popular making the dial up connection less popular. I have noticed the reasons behind this myself as the internet connection within my house has gotten faster since I switched to broadband. ISPs will also offer other services other than an internet connection, for example sky provides an internet connection as well as a phone line and a television subscription. This is useful as customers will go to them to have one bill instead of having to pay all three separately. Furthermore the ISP will be able to offer their clients the ability to send emails to one another throughout the internet. Examples of Internet Service Providers are BT, Sky and TalkTalk.
Web hosting services
A web hosting service allows companies and individuals to make their website accessible from the World Wide Web. This works by storing your website files on high…
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