Web Architecture : Components And User And Server Side Factors That Influences The Performance Of A Website

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1. Introduction
In this document I will be explaining about Web architecture; Components; User and server side factors that that influences the performance of a website; security risks such as viruses, hacking and ID theft; Protection mechanisms such as Firewall, Secure Socket Layer SSL and Adherence to standard. I will also discuss about the Role of web architecture in website communications which are comparison between web 1.0 and 2.0 and Cloud Storage; Role of TCT/IP protocol and its links to application layer protocols; Techniques that can be used on webpage to aid user access to information such as Meta Tagging, Cascading Style Sheet CSS, Animation and Audio/Visual Elements.
2. Web architecture
Web architecture is required to broadcast a website on the internet; it must be uploaded on to a web server. I will discuss about the web architecture which are: Uploading, Internet Service Provider, World Wide Web, Web Hosting Services, Domain Structure; Domain name and Registrars. (Book1)
Uploading is the process of putting a website on to the web server, so it can be distributed across the internet (Book 1). This process can be simply done through the browser such as WordPress or Google Blogger.
Internet Service Provider (ISP)
“ISP stands for Internet Service Provider which links a web server with the rest of the internet” (Book1). It refers to an establishment that delivers internet services to business and personal use. Examples of ISPs are Sky, BT, Vodafone,…
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