Web Base Distance Learning Case Study

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The national manager at MBUSA, Greg Settle, needs to create the most efficient and effective training program in the automotive industry. This report examines two options that Settle can explore. The benefits and risk for each option are then discussed, and a recommendation is made as to what approach Settle should take to create this new training program.

Existing Education Centers Expansion
The expansion of an existing education center or building a new training facility is the most straightforward option that MBUSA can consider.
- Proven Method: technicians receive high-quality training through the proven methods since the being in the classroom gives the students a sense of belonging, and classroom activities that …show more content…

Settle needs to quantify the return of investment so that he gets approval from management to proceed with the expansion.
- Resource: The expansion will require more resources be available to the students; MBUSA needs to identify capable technicians who are willing to become instructors and then train and certify them so that the can teach other technician.

Web-Base Distance Learning (WBDL)
There are benefits that the Technical Training Department at MBUSA can realize by augmenting the classroom courses with a web-based distance learning. This augmentation can be through internet-delivered courses, interactive product documentation, and demo videos of complex procedures. Benefits
- Cost Reduction: Once implemented and vetted, WBDL is more affordable than the traditional classroom training; MBUSA does not have to pay multiple instructors across its multiple training facilities to each the classes. In addition, WBDL reduces the training facilities cost by reducing the number of classrooms …show more content…

o Select Microsoft as their technology vendor. Based on the existing relationship between MBUSA and Microsoft, this selection will make the integration easier to implement. MBUSA ran more than 50 Windows servers in its data centers for different applications and it selected Windows based PCs for its dealerships. o Purchase two Intel-based servers for each of the training facilities. This purchase will allow large amounts of training material(i.e. video and audio) to be stored and steamed with minimum impact to the bandwidth. In addition, these servers can be customized to fit MBUSA needs and workload.

MBUSA can maximize their benefits by implementing an augmented training program and expansion at certain training facilities. With the expansion of two training facilities and augmenting the training with distance-learning program, MBUSA can increase its capacity to provide more training and certifications for technicians without diminishing the quality of the training. Table 1 shows the benefits framework for this blended solution, while Table 2 compares Real Network and Microsoft

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