Web Based Assignment : Micro Financing

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Web-Based Assignment Poverty, hunger, and malnutrition remain rampant across the world today. Countries such as Africa and Asia are struggling with high numbers of poverty and malnutrition, which is causing millions of men, women, and children to face death under the everlasting shadow of poverty. In order to eradicate the darkness of poverty, companies and institutions are taking up different initiatives to help those in poverty stricken countries. One such initiative is known as micro financing, which was created by a Bangladeshi economist, Muhammad Yunus. Micro financing are small loans given to people in poor countries who want to start a business or need some financial assistance. A famous website for micro financing is Kiva.org, which has been lending money to people since 2005 and has witnessed great success in doing so. The website has made the process of lending money to individual extremely simple and it is something that any individual can partake in. For example, If I wanted to lend some money to any of the numerous entrepreneurs on the website than I would first begin by choosing the lend category. After this, the website will list some of the most popular buyers on the right hand side and as of now, Emperatriz De América Group, which is a group of women who want to borrow money to buy fish. The website lets the lenders sort through different types of borrowers based upon how much money they are in need of. The one thing I liked the most about the website is…

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