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Web-Based Construction While most professions have been quick to embrace the information age, the construction industry has fallen behind in using new technology. However, web-based systems, designed specifically with public works professionals in mind, are emerging to help improve project management and overall efficiency. Time is among the precious commodities on construction sites. Rarely is there enough time to complete all facets of a project on deadline. Under constant pressure to complete projects on time and on (or even under) budget, construction managers also face difficulties communicating with all of their contractors, subcontractors and managers. Technology can aid the process by…show more content…
Web-enabled project management solutions are becoming more obsolete as software vendors dedicate more of their resources to developing web-based software applications. Web-based applications provide a platform for better project communication and collaboration without being tied to a specific network or software application. A standard web browser (ie. Internet Explorer) is the interface for project information. These applications provide instantaneous communication, collaboration, and secure access for project participants. Buzzsaw, Constructw@re, and e-Builder are just some examples of web-based systems available today. Each application develops their own set of standards and procedures for managing project documents. The alternative to buying a web-based project management application is to hire a web developer to create a customized management system for your organization. A customized system can be tailored to follow pre-existing organizational structure and procedures, collecting specific data for company reports and forms. 3. Use of web in construction industry From the numerous Web-based construction project management applications the most commonly used are: On-line Design Studios

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