Web Based Department Automation System

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Abstract— This paper gives details about web-based department automation system which will be implemented at educational institution level for maintaining faculty details and records. The proposed application aims at providing efficient and hassle-free working environment for faculty of the organization as it reduces the amount of paperwork involved. This system is based on the modern approach of data mining and web technology which overcomes the drawbacks of existing manual method used by the organization reducing mistakes and errors in record keeping. The system provides faster computation of queries to fetch data from a huge database. The application is designed using Eclipse (kepler version), Apache Tomcat server 7.0 along with wamp server to host the database locally. J2EE, JSP along with Html have been used for designing the user interface whereas MySQL database is used for storing data.
Keywords—Automation, Web Technology, Data Mining, J2EE, MySQL, Faculty
I. INTRODUCTION Data mining has made a remarkable impact in the current world of technology. The existing approach used in various educational institution and organization involves manual record keeping and maintenance which is error-prone. Also there is a possibility of misplacing the documents which may contain relevant confidential data related to faculty as well as organization. Clearly, there is a need of an automated system that reduces the use of paper work and is much more efficient as…
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