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Web-Based Instruction

The use of computers and communication technologies in learning has a history going back more than 30 years. Along the way, it has been called by many names, such as computer-mediated communication (CMC), computer conferencing, on-line learning, Internet-based learning, and telematics. The advent of the Web provides a new and interesting environment for CMC that offers a host of new possibilities together with the advantages of previous incarnations. (McCormack & Jones, 1998) In just a few years the World Wide Web (WWW) has transformed communication, scholarship, and business. The idea of a global information system and the ease with which it can be used means that the Web has captured the imagination of more
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Many predict that job skills will need updating every few years; if so, "lifelong learners" will continue to demand education and retraining throughout their careers. (McArthur & Lewis, 1998) These changes are straining institutions to look for new ways to improve learning and teaching, improve the creation of instruction and learning materials, and to create educational communities. Hence, some institutions are considering the use of the Web to help meet those goals.

Web-based instruction is instruction created on the WWW in which students and educators can perform learning-related tasks. This type of instruction is not simply a mechanism for distributing information to students, it also performs tasks related to communication, assessment, and class management. (McCormack & Jones, 1998) Driscoll (1998) suggest that there are indications that Web-based instruction is appropriate. Those indications include a gap in the learners’ skills and knowledge, a need for cognitive skills, adequate computer skills for the learner, and capacity of the organization to deliver. Web-based instruction is a potential solution to a performance problem if the learners lack skills or knowledge. Cognitive skills include solving problems, applying rules, and distinguishing among items. Tasks that require the manipulation of symbols and numbers are well suited to being taught on the Web (ex. completing an income tax form). Learners must have computer, browser, and

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