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Web Calculator Exercise 2 Daniel Alvarado Liberty University Z test & One sample t-test 1. A researcher is interested in whether students who attend private high schools have higher average SAT Scores than students in the general population. A random sample of 90 students at a private high school is tested and and a mean SAT score of 1030 is obtained. The average score for public high school student is 1000 (σ= 200). a. Is this a one- or two tailed test? This test is a one – tailed test, because the researcher wants to know that students who attend private high school will have a higher Sat score, which makes the alternative hypothesis a prediction in favor of the private school over the public high school.…show more content…
He measured their resting pulses. Their pulses were 45, 45, 64, 50, 58, 49, 47, 55, 50, 52 beats per minute. The average resting pulse of athletes in the general population is normally distributed with a pulse rate of 60 beats per minute. a. What statistical test should be used to analyze the data? For this statistical test we can use the single sample research t-test, predicting that the runner pulse will be slower than the other athlete pulses. b. Is this a one- or two- tailed test? This is a one tailed test, because the researcher predicts that the result will be slower than other athletes. c. What are H0 and Ha for this study? H0 for the study will be that the runners pulse will be the same as the other althete, and the Ha for the study is that runners pilse is slower than other athletes. d. Find tcv from appendix A in Jackson’s text. Df = -1 Df 10 -1 = Df = 9 Using alpha 0.05 Tcv = 1.833 e. Compute t obt Tobt = -4.4799 http://in-silico.net/tools/statistics/ttest f. Should H0 be rejected? What should the researcher conclude? The H0 Should not be rejected because the runner pilse is slower than the one from other athletes. 3. A researcher hypothesizes that people who listen to music via headphones have greater hearing loss and will thus score lower on a

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