Web Conferencing Memo Essay

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Web Conferencing Programs Research Memo
Curtis Jones
ENG 221
October 4, 2010
Louisa Ramos

Web Conferencing Programs Research Memo

TO: Management
FROM: Curtis Jones
DATE: 10/4/2010
SUBJECT: Web Conferencing Software Research

In our meeting last week we discussed moving to different Web Conferencing software in an effort to become more user friendly to our remote users, and to enable cost savings in our telecom and IT infrastructure. I undertook the assignment to research the available software solutions and have found one that I believe will allow our company to achieve the objectives set forth during our meeting.
During my research I came upon four different programs that I thought would meet our criteria.
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Also there is no need to purchase additional hardware or reconfigure firewalls and proxy settings as it supports most current configurations.
By utilizing Netview Meet 6.0 our department can enable more efficient remote collaboration thru more advanced web conferencing software.


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Adobe Connect Pro | Desktop sharing, instant meeting access, real time presenter collaboration,Whiteboard, file and content sharing | Complex due to very large feature set | Can be protected using SSL technology | Unsure of support levels, mostly appears to be thru a knowledge base on adobe.com | $55 per month for up to 100 participants or pay per use $.32 per minute/user | 30 days up to 5 participants | Netviewer Meet 6.0 | Desktop sharing, application sharing, chat, instant meeting access, transfer mouse and keyboard control | Wide-ranging options that can be hidden and revealed using the profile manager | 256-bit AES Verschlüsselung | 4/7 phone support, service contract receive prioritized service | $49.90 per month | 14 day trial up to 100 users | Citrix to Go Meeting 4.5 | Instant meetings, desktop sharing, application sharing, file sharing, transfer mouse and keyboard control | Intuitive user interface | 128-bit AES/ Blowfish encryption |
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