Web Design And Technology Design

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Web Design Isn’t Dead: It is just Mutating. Rapidly. You may have heard that web design has perished, having been unhurriedly strangled by a serpent made up of mobile technologies, artificial intelligence and behemoth social media platforms like Facebook. But it is right to push back against this stark verdict, to point out that web design has always been about moulding a more authentic bond between user and brand – and it still is. Web design is mutating, it is undergoing a kind of metamorphosis, but it is alive. Let’s have a look a few of the more popular premises of the argument that concludes that web design has ceased to exist as a useful service – and debunk them. 1. Web designers design websites. Period. Websites are passé, ergo web design is dead. There are two problems with this premise: first, web designers are more than designers of websites: They are not tethered to the tool that is the website, unable to change and design in new ways, using new tools and adapting to a new ecosystem. Web designers should not be defined by the tools they use, but by their mission of building authentic, valuable connections between brands and users. Second, webpages are part of the new ecosystem, a new batch of tools that links users to brands, and are definitely not irrelevant: consumers still receive value from interacting with a well-designed site that allows them to explore services and values. 2. Websites can be designed and maintained by anyone who has a
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