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Web Design

Web Design is almost like an art. It is the design of information and services over the Internet. Luckily for businesses and customers the information and services provided are in done so through the World Wide Web (WWW). As I mentioned earlier Web design is a form of art, meaning that art and organization are needed to form customized Web pages to fit a particular business’ needs. Services for Web design can be accomplished in a variety of ways: professionally through a Web designer, created through hypertext mark-up language, JavaScript, Dreamweaver, and Microsoft FrontPage as well as other “What you see is what you get” {WYSIWYG) editors or languages.

Web sites have progressed to a new level of
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They needed to do something necessary to motivate individuals to come back and revisit the site. Important to the success of the dynamic Web site is that people will not only return to the site and access new ads and changed information, but will also visit the referenced Web sites, and this is the goal (Tebbe, 54).

Precautions, you ask?

There are precautions that definitely must be taken care of in the process of Web design. Number one would have to be copyrights and patents. One cannot build a Web site purely of images, icons, and text from other Web sites. Lawsuits can be filed at a very costly expense. The “rip-offs” idea is not taken lightly in a court of law because it is a form of plagiarism. In 1997, Jonathan Wells from Salt Lake City, Utah, was brought to a court of law and lost a settlement to McDonalds for 2.7 million dollars, leaving him bankrupt for using two consecutive McDonald’s golden arches to represent his company MURMUR Electronics (PC Magazine, ’97). Unfortunately for Jonathan, he placed his site on the Web and was discovered by a McDonald’s corporate employee. The moral to the story is to be original when creating a site. By doing this, you can minimize the chance of possibly losing a potentially successful business that could lead to millions.

Another precaution that should be taken is security. There
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