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Web Design We have come a really long way since the beginning of time. We are so much more advanced in so many ways; one of our advances is our technological knowledge. Because of this knowledge, we can do so many things such as burn CDs, go to outer space, and cure people from different diseases. One very important technological advance is the Internet. Because of the Internet, people today can do things easily. We can communicate through e-mail or instant messaging or we can search for information online through search engines. These search engines were created through web design. Web design has helped us get to where we are today in technology and economy. The World Wide Web was created in the…show more content…
A hypertext link tag points to another location of an HTML document and allows us to visit that location. There are many other tags involved in HTML. To begin these tags, one would place them in brackets and to end the tag, one would place them in brackets with a backslash. For example, if one needs to indicate which part of a document is the title, it would look like the following: <title> TITLE OF WEBPAGE </title> These tags make it easy to indicate different parts of a document. What is so special about this language is that it offers ways to setup your web page the way one wants. For example, one could indicate the font size, background color or font color of a website. With all these tags, there are many different ways one could design his web page the way he intends. Along with the different text codes used to create web pages, there are also different features that are available for web design. One feature that is available is creating one’s own graphics. This could be helpful to those who have no artistic abilities. Some of the programs that are helpful in creating graphics are Appleworks, Photoshop, Fireworks, and Pain Shop Pro. With the use of creating graphics, one could create logos for his or her web page. Another feature which is available in creating web pages is the idea of frames. With the use of frames, one is able to compile a set of web pages
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