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Many of the CSS editor programs that are available in today’s market are not good for people who may want to start and learn about CSS for the first time. Also all the software programs need to be downloaded onto a desktop.

Global Aim
The aim is to create the project bringing about fulfilling the requirements of the customer. The plot forms with website which will allow users to edit CSS online where they won’t have to download software, also allow the CSS program to be simple for beginners who have never used a CSS program to be able to understand easily, the website will help the customers to utilize the website as an instrument for scanning/ obtaining files for different projects or projects that they have created using our CSS Software where they can edit the CSS codes and run them.

Objectives detailing plans and controls
The foremost consideration for any firm and organization is to consider a resource’s budget, and here too it should be kept in mind that the project is within the available budget which will be £3000 to create the software.
Also, it is very important to save time, as it is also a very vital resource and counts in efficiency. How I will save time is by having people test all products instead of testing one software per person.
The market sustainability of every…

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