Web Intelligence And Its Usefulness

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Abstract In the world of Information Technology (IT), there are many areas and disciplinary of research available and Web Intelligence (WI) is one of the new sub disciplinary of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Advanced IT. When AI and IT is implemented on web it defines WI. WI is used to develop web – empowered system, Wisdom Web, Web Mining, web site automation, etc. In this paper, detail discussion is done on Web Intelligence and its usefulness in developing intelligent web. Many literatures are also discussed related to the Web Intelligence and at the end challenges and problems faced during the research in the area is also mentioned. This paper will provide the pathway to the researcher who want to perform research in the field of Web Intelligence. Keywords – Natural Language Processing, Web Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Information Technology I. Introduction In the era of Information Technology (IT) Web Intelligence (WI) represent new sub disciplinary for scientific research and development that explores fundamental roles as well as practical impacts of Intelligence. T. Y. Lin and Yan-Qing Zhang [2] have described Intelligence as” a specific set of mind capabilities which allow the individual to use the acquired knowledge efficiently and to behave appropriately in the presence of new tasks and living conditions”. With the explosive growth of internet, wireless network, web database and wireless mobile devices implies intelligence on web. Y.Y. Yao,
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