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Table of content 1. Introduction 2 1.1. Description and purpose 2 1.2. Target audience 2 1.3. Scope 2 2. Design consideration 3 2.1. Development Language 3 2.2. Programming Technologies 3 2.3. Authoring Tools 4 2.4. Technical Limitations 4 3. Website Analysis 4 3.1. Need Analysis 4 3.2. Content Analysis 4 3.3. Competitive Analysis 5 3.4. Site layout of proposed site 6 3.5. Navigation 7 4. Design Description 7 4.1. Site Content 7 4.2. Visual Design 9 4.2.1. Color 10 4.2.2. Fonts 10 4.2.3. Images 10 5. Website Standards 10 6. Acronyms and abbreviations 11 7. Appendix 11 7.1. Raw data 11 8. References 12 Introduction A web site is developed for the purpose of…show more content…
The age of the audience is from 8 to 60 years. 2 Content Analysis There are about 10 to 12 pages in my website. The home page giving the information for the users and customer about Cartoon Art Gallery and some view of the Cartoon and Art images and also giving the address of the school where it is. The other pages are about Exhibitions, about us, Education, Links, Learning and Events, contact Detail and Help. These links are available on the first home page the user can clink on any link and users can go to the required page. When users go to that page he can also seen the all that link on the same left hand side and he can select any link to go any other page. For example a user first can go to Education page then he do not need to came back on the home page he can select the link on the left hand side from the same page. As it is a Cartoon and Art gallery website here user find some famous cartoon character and details of it. This website is focused on the entertainment for the cartoon lovers. Here we will try to present some new and talented cartoonist by their work. The site is very user friendly and easy to use even and small kid the age of 8 or 10 year old can easily to get any required information. 3 Competitive Analysis Conducting a competitive analysis is an important part of designing a website. A good competitive
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