Web Service Developments And Standards

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chapter{Introduction}label{C:intro} section{Introduction} Modern enterprises need to respond effectively and quickly to opportunities in today 's competitive and global markets.
To accommodate business agility, companies are supposed start with use existing applications instead of developing them from scratch.
A contemporary approach for addressing these critical issues is embodied by (Web) services that can be easily assembled to form a collection of autonomous and loosely coupled business processes cite{Papazoglou}.

The arising of Web service developments and standards in support of automated business integration has driven major technological advances in the integration software space, most notably, the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) cite{Dan:2008}. In an SOA, software resources are packaged as
Web services, which are well defined, self-contained modules that provide standard business functionality and are independent of the state or context of other services cite{Ran}.

A Web service is a software system allowing to expose services via Internet. The
SOA promotes the composition of coarse-grained Web services to build more complex web applications using standards such as WS-BPEL cite{std/ws-bpel2}. Because of the convenience, low cost cite{Aboolian} and capacity to be composed into high-level business processes, Web service technology is becoming increasing popular.

%Web services were hosted in heterogeneous server clusters or co-location centers
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