Web Testing Essay

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Web testing is a credible method to evaluate the best online promotional and marketing strategies for a business. This tool can be used to test a wide range of criteria from website copy to sales emails to search ads.
Well-planned web testing produces concrete evidence of a well-planned marketing strategy. Continuously testing different hypotheses will not only yield good results for conversion rates, but will also give us a better understanding of our customers.

Web Testing
In marketing, website testing is used to study how users react to various changes made on website pages. Tests are meant to show whether or not conversion rate and revenue can be improved and how to go about it. Web testing equals careful
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For example, Amazon boosted its profits by moving credit card offers from its home page to the shopping cart page. Such examples that utilized web testing techniques clearly espouses the idea that tiny changes could have a big impact. In a managerial level, experiments can help managers to optimize investment based on the potential improvement suggested by these tests. For instance, experiments in the Microsoft Company on its Bing search engine showed that every 100-millisecond difference in performance had a 0.6% impact on revenue. With Bing’s yearly revenue surpassing $3 billion, a 100-millisecond speedup is worth $18 million in annual incremental revenue. Results advocate that investing on a project to improve the Bing’s response time can generate billions of dollars for the company. (Kohavi &Thomke, 2017)
A/B testing is extremely goal-oriented. Before launching an A/B test, we must first decide on the outcome we hope to achieve. The goal might sound something like this:
• Increase the number of free trial signups
• More clicks on a paid advertisement
• Increase open rates on a welcome email
It is important to choose measurable hypothesizes that are easy to track. Unlike setting up goals, forming a hypothesis can be a bit tricky. For example, hypothesizing that switching to a different Call-to-Action (CTA) button cannot necessarily mean that
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