Web of Diabetes Causation in the Elderly

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Web of Diabetes Causation in the Elderly Web of Diabetes Causation in the Elderly Introduction Epidemiology is the study of environmental and genetic influences on the prevalence of disease and injury (Rossignol, 2007, p. 1). Environmental influences include pollution, lifestyle choices, health care access, care quality, social factors, and workplace hazards. These and other factors help to determine geographic, social, and economic differences in health quality. Epidemiology is therefore the study of the underlying causes of disease and injury, and is a scientific discipline because the contributing factors are assumed to be identifiable and quantifiable. Of primary concern to epidemiologists is the identity of the demographic preferentially affected by a health issue and whether genetics plays a role (Rossignol, 2007, p. 2). Environmental and genetic factors can sometimes interact to increase or decrease susceptibility to a health risk. Integral to this interaction is the precise agent that precipitates a disease or injury. These three concerns, a permissive environment, susceptible host, and causative agent, designates the main considerations epidemiological researchers must face when investigating a health issue. Another way of looking at this epidemiological triangle is in terms of the right place, right person, and right time. These three criteria help guide epidemiologists when faces with investigating a health issue. However, epidemiologists are not concerned

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