Weberian Analysis of American Society

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American society is very interesting to look at in terms of a Weberian analysis. This includes political, regional, and class divisions. It could definitely be argued that disenchantment had a part in how the United States classified itself in the past and in the present. Weber's analysis is more subjective than other views such as Karl Marx's historical materialism. Objective and subjective means of examining society are needed for a thorough analysis. Max Weber's analysis of politics in his essay Politics as a Vocation still rings true even to this day. The political system Americans use today is not much different than the one used 100 years ago; Weber stayed in the United States for a long time and that influence is apparent in his analysis of politics. American politics was and still is based around a mix of two of Weber's justifications for authority: charisma and legal authority. Charisma is used by politicians to inspire and rally people to support certain politicians and legislation. On the flip-side of that, politicians use a form of charisma to appeal to people's fears and insecurities. This also gets people to vote and support for politicians and legislation. In both ways, a politician needs a certain amount of trust from the people to get what they want done and that is where charisma comes into play. The other part of American politics is legal authority. The American state has rules about how elections are run and how power is peacefully transferred. Both
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