Weber's Concept of Bureaucracy

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Weber’s concept of bureaucracy theorized that organizational structure was not ideal for every structure but that hosted a format in a pure organizational form this. “For weber the bureaucracy would allow for the optimal form of authority, rational authority” (Madoff). From what I have been able to comprehend the from the readings optimal authority rephrased from my perspective means subordinates respecting their managers wish, and in this theory a manager without the competence of his subordinates was resulted in a ineffective system. The metaphor machine is used to compare an organization to a machine. “From this perspective organization are viewed as if they are machines: managerial principles, modes of operation, treatment of workers, and communication in the organization in light of the metaphor” (Madoff). Let’s take a look at a machine and the existing part in it. First of let’s keep in mind that machines rarely operate outside of their designed function such as a business unless an error is involved. Once a machine is found in an ill-mannered state there are one part cannot replace another, usually machines need specific parts to replace one another. “When the machine metaphor is applied to organizations, the properties just described hold true for the organizations as well and guide management as it attempts to regulate behavior.”(Madoff) One relating the machine metaphor to Weber’s Theory, the thing to come to mind is the roles. As in almost all
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