Webmd And National Institutes Health For The Audience Analysis On Meningitis Topic

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As the assignment’s need, I do the research on WebMD and National Institutes Health for the audience analysis on meningitis topic. To figure how they present their information to audiences, I write you this memo for an evaluation and comparison of two websites about their audiences and persuasive strategies they use.
Analyzing on writing styles and web designs of these sites tell us the sites’ expected audiences, while the collected data of these two sites’ traffic show their real audiences. The result is the expectation on the big distinction between levels of education between NIH and WebMD’s audiences doesn’t exist. The variation is small. And the audiences’ different interests that cause this variance as they are approaching the information on these sites.
First, the designs of the two webs decide its primary target audiences. NIH presents web’s document in a formal design with no advertisements or distracting sources. This creates a good setting for its audience to focus on their processes of gaining complex information. This is a sign that NIH expects its audience to have certain disciplines and high level of education. In contrast, WebMD’s design is dedicated to the mass population and commerce, which have varying ranges of topics that related to the information for audiences to explore at will. These leads sometime come with pictures to catch audience’s attention to other topics. The commercial design with several advertisements of WebMD is a sign of the weak…

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