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Blog 1 – Mobile casino gaming set to make a serious impact in 2016 The way the world operates is changing, with the degree of evolution not escaping the online casino industry. When it comes to casino online play, the general public will largely know it as something that is conducted through a desktop computer or laptop. This isn’t something that is going to disappear from the earth entirely, as online casino gaming will always be conducted in such way, but a new format is certainly stealing a degree of the online casino audience. Mobile casino gaming has been inching ever closer towards online casino gaming in terms of popularity for some time, with it looking like it will run neck and neck with it in 2016. It is hard to fathom, but…show more content…
Latest figures report that around 80% of those within the UK own a smartphone or tablet already, with that figure growing rapidly throughout Europe. Technology related to Internet data availability is also improving, as 4G data plans receive global rollout through various different mobile network providers. When 4G does eventually eclipse 3G, mobile casino play will become more flawless than ever, rivalling online casino play in a way that many never thought possible. Specialist Game Creation For the best part of its existence, mobile-based casino games have been adapted from the online casino games currently in the market. This approach has been effective but not without issues, as it seems that players have been crying out for more focused mobile casino games. In an effort to create titles more fitting of mobile devices, specialist creations have been developed that are exclusive to the mobile realm. Featuring larger controls and repositioned visual features, mobile-based casino gaming is now receiving due care and attention that was long overdue. Social gaming is another key matter that could work to push mobile casino gaming beyond online casino gaming as far as user numbers go. Social, specialised, and growing by the day, mobile based play is set to wrestle the popularity crown away from online casino based play in 2016. Power in
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