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Do you know how the idea of the site came to exist and the name? -Answered by AzzidReign This is kind of long winded. The site originally started out on a free board as XboxRevamped as at the time it was only an original Xbox modding community. It started out with me (AzzidReign) and UndeadGhoul. With any free board, at least back then, they were easily hacked. I had made friends with another site’s admin and staff called “Se7en Mods” and we had both been hacked at the same time. The owner of Se7en Mods, The Unknown 7, had made claims that he could do something that no one had yet to release and being that our site had a huge following already, we both thought combining forces would create a pretty amazing resource for our visitors. His…show more content…
Some examples of what you can find on Se7enSins is mods, tutorials, news, community events, videos, lobbies, and even stuff like graphics, code, and other services from our skilled Sinners. What do you feel members of se7ensins get out of being a part of the community? I feel that our members get a great experience and an abundance of knowledge from our community. As I mentioned above, we have a wide range of information and resources for our members to use and contribute to. If it wasn’t for our members, we wouldn’t be where we are today. The friendly and sharing nature of the site is what, I believe, grew our site to where it is. Do you have any paid staff, including yourself? - Answered by AzzidReign Our website developer is paid for development. My second in command Administrator is also paid (not salary), but other than that our staff are gracious enough to offer their time to make the site a better place out of the kindness of their hearts. This just goes back to the friendly, sharing, and helpful nature of the site and the environment in which we created from the start. The site has changed and touched the lives of many people, many of which I know have gone on to have careers thanks to being around the site. One particular retired staff member mentioned the site to GE and mentioned what he had done with the site in the past and they hired him on the spot. I hadn’t talked to him in years and he messaged me thanking me and told me about this
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