Website Design, Trust And Customer Service

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Technology is developing so rapidly that it has started to affect different aspects of the society especially business. Online business was invented in 20th century in the UK and has quickly spread all over the world. With an increasing popularity of the online shopping, more and more retailers start to sell online, which makes the marketplace become more competitive. In order to be successful, it is important for the retailers to understand the most important factors that satisfy the customers when they purchase online. Once the level of the e-satisfaction increases, the purchase intention will increase and online retailers can gain more profit. Among all the factors that will potentially affect online satisfaction, the aim of this essay…show more content…
In order to show the importance of website design and its flow, Amazon is taken as an example. Amazon has spent millions of dollars on the design of their website; and finally succeeded in creating the Amazon brand. Because of its ability to attract the customers’ attention and satisfy the customers, many companies adopted the Amazon website design when designing their own websites (Rosen & Purinton, 2004). Although the product, product descriptions, cover images, and editorial content from their vendors are the same between Amazon and its competitors such as, Amazon engages its users better by making use of the customer activity to produce better search results; unlike other website searches which only lead with the company’s own products or sponsored results (O’Reilly, 2007). Involving more user participation in its website design is one of the most important reasons why Amazon gains a higher level of satisfaction from customers and a greater success than its competitors.
Apart from website design, perceptions of online trust play an important role in e-satisfaction. Trust is used in this essay because it includes both security and privacy. According to the finding of Koufaris and Hampton-Sosa (2004), although the number of the web users grows at a fast speed, only approximately 15% of those surfers buy online. Besides, an increasing
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