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Read the Case study 4.1 "The implications of globalization for consumer attitudes" on page 218 and answer the question there.

Question - Based on this article and your experiences, debate the question: `Site localization is essential for each country for an e-commerce offering to be successful in that country.
After referring to several online articles and couple of published papers on ‘Website localization’, I have summarized below some key learning and findings about ‘Why website localization is essential?’
Website localization facilitates reaching more customers throughout the world and hence increase Sales, revenue and profits –
World Wide Web itself means a business can reach out all over the world through a click of the button.
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McDonald a hamburger chain when launched in India found out that at least 40% of the customers in India are Vegetarians.
To cater to these customers McDonald introduced its first local burger, the Aloo-tikki burger which is a patty of potatoes and peas flavored with Indian spices, McDonald’s had to develop 130 ingredients and use 50 suppliers.
To respect the local culture, India is the only country where McDonald does not serve its iconic Big Mac since the burger patty contains beef. Similarly no products having pork are sold in McDonald India.
In 1997 consumers classified McDonald food as bland. They launched Veg Mcpuffs (Samosa + Pizza ingredients) and Chicken Mcgrill (with extra tangy Indian spices) and by 2000 McDonald food items were sought for its taste. McDonalds have also launched McSpicy Paneer (Cottage Cheese) in March 2011 to cater to Vegetarian Indian families. Till 2011 India was the only country where McDonalds offered so much of variety in Vegetarian food.
Thus to be successful in India McDonalds has altered its menu to reflects the tastes of Hindus and have added more items to suit local tastes. Thus McDonald’s Indian website also has been localized to highlight all Vegetarian products along with other Non-Vegetarian products it offers.

Website localization understands cultural differences and customers in a better
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