Website Migration Project

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Website Migration Project

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Tony’s Chips is a medium sized enterprise that aims to enhance its operations through e commerce. The company aims to migrate from its current externally hosted website to a new e commerce system that will be hosted internally. The new system will provide data storage, retrieval, security and recovery solutions for the enterprise. It will also enable the company to perform commercial transactions through the website. The new system is expected to improve on the operational reliability provided by the existing system. The company also aims to adopt a system that will provide better data integrity facilities. The firm’s management views a redundant system as offering the most ideal
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Microsoft’s internet information services (IIS) is one such solution. This webs server is designed to run on Windows server platforms. Consequently, it integrates well with Microsoft’s online applications. It features an intuitive graphical user interface that simplifies its installation and use. However, the costs of installing new versions of this web server are high. In addition, its restriction to the Microsoft server OS platform inhibits system flexibility. An alternative to IIS is the Apache web server. This is an open sourced application that can be implemented on a wide variety of operating system platforms. Apache’s integration of a pearl and PHP engine facilitates easy integration with the application programming interface (Gunther, 2006). In addition, this web server is available for free. This makes it a cost effective alternative. Further, Apache’s event-driven architecture enables it to perform ideally even under heavy loads. However, Apache usage involves a relatively strenuous learning curve. The software’s complexity may present an obstacle to its use by new users. Another web server that can be adopted for use in this project is Nginx. This server is easy to use as well as stable. It is also based on an event driven architecture. This architecture makes it an efficient user of system resources even under heavy loads (Tanenbaum, 2001). Nginx’s ease of installation, configuration, and use make it a viable alternative for adoption in

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