Website Migration Seo Case Studies

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Goal: to post summaries for 7 website migration SEO case studies Total Word Count In This Document: 1695 Title: ?7 Website Migration SEO Case Studies? Moving 5 Domains To 1: An SEO Case Study This article is about the benefits and risks of moving five domains to one domain in regards to business and marketing. It describes the reasons behind wanting to move five domains into one domain, the steps that should be taken to making the transition as smooth and successful as possible (especially for a corporate cause, when real money can be at stake), and the lessons that are learned when the transition of domains across multiple sites is not as smooth and successful as desired. In this particular case study, the writer of the article…show more content…
as well, then a domain migration across multiple sites can be successful. Lessons In SEO And Site Migration: A Case Study This article is about demonstrating the importance of making sure that one has a detailed SEO strategy as part of their site migration plan and process. The case study explains what the writer of the article learned about SEO and site migration thanks to what he refers to as the ?catastrophic results? from his own personal experience with SEO and site migration. The main lessons that the writer of the article learned from this case study is that one needs the right people and the right tools in place in order for a site migration to be successful. Businesses deciding to undertake a site migration need to have ?an enterprise SEO platform and a successful manager in place?. Having a team of skilled, competent, focused, and goal-oriented people, and making sure that all resources, platforms, and other necessary tools are available and ready for use, can make all the difference when it comes to successfully migrating sites and maintaining and optimizing SEO. Otherwise, the results can be devastating. Domain Migration: An SEO Case Study This article is about how to survive a risky domain migration involving a highly competitive market, developing an SEO strategy to maintain SEO visibility within the respective highly competitive market, and a full subdomain-to-full-domain
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