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Website Review and Summary HCS/457 June 25, 2013 Website Review and Summary Through out the years people have relied on their health care providers for medical treatments. Now a day, people have the opportunity to research about any illness, medical concern, medical diagnosis and any type of disease in the Internet. There are many health care organizations that offer people around the world with information about drugs, illnesses, diseases, outbreaks, treatments, preventions and the list goes endless. In this paper the writer will review and summarize governmental health agency websites. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is a national organization that provides information about…show more content…
These two organizations have a similar functional and structural governmental level; both organizations tend to overlap on health care issues, diseases, preventions and education. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention overlooks researches of new vaccines on a specific outbreak. It maintains static information of a given outbreak within a population and maintains up to date information of the progress and outcome of such outbreak. When an outbreak occurs, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention starts an investigation on how the outbreak began, the near by population is informed of such outbreak; the CDC takes preventive measures to ensure that the unaffected population is not affected. Once the outbreak is under control and the source is identified the CDC works towards providing the community with enough information about the preventive measures. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also gives information about the source of the outbreak. This information is forward it to the Food and Drug Administration in order to start a recall product if the source is food or drug related. The Food and Drug Administration is a government agency that overlooks the research process and approval of new drugs, food preparation, and it extends to medical equipment, cosmetics, laboratories equipment and more. The Food
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