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National Park Service, Presidio of San Francisco, "John Pershing: The Early Years"
The National Park Service of the United States maintains a history and culture section for each of its parks. Presidio of San Francisco is part of the National Park Service, and has its website within the National Park Service domain. The Presidio of San Francisco has served as an army post for three different nations, the Spanish, the Mexicans, and finally, the Americans. The Americans used the Presidio as a military post for 148 yeas. The life of General John Pershing is linked up with the history of the Presidio.
On the Presidio web site, there is a menu bar on the left where users can "Explore this Park." The menu items include Park Home, Plan Your Visit, Photos & Multimedia, History & Culture, Nature & Science, For Teachers, Support Your Park, and Bookstore. Each of these sections also has sub-sections. In the History & Culture section is a sub-section for People. John Pershing's page is located within this list, along with Concepcion Arguello, Juana Briones, Adelbert von Chamisso, Dana Crissy, Eda Blankart Funston, and IrvinMcDowell.
The title of the John Pershing entry is "John Pershing-The Early Years." The author offers a brief biography of John Pershing, who was born in Missouri and entered West Point in 1882. His leadership skills were immediately apparent. The remainder of the biography offers a helpful…
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