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Web Spective Software,Inc. Case Note Summary: The author describes the situation at WebSpective, a software company that develops products to help companies manage the network of servers that support their Web sites. He describes the use of "concept engineering" tools to interview customers, determine their needs and the resulting product requirements, and prioritize these requirements as the basis for a product and marketing strategy.He also narrates how even after taking several measures the product does not gain traction in the market. Problem The company’s products are not selling in the market even after making several changes and reforms in the operation process i.e. experiencing difficulty in gaining traction in the market.…show more content…
Competitor Cisco-60% of market share. Bright tiger technologies Resonate,Inc. Weaknesses * Technical solutions of webspective is not up to the mark and many of the potential customers perceive webspective to be crippled with problems such as inefficient traffic handling,brand name inconsistency and network problems. 1. Wasted hit problem. 2. Bookmark problem. 3. Visible backend problem. Timeline * Sept 1997-ceo joined. * Nov 1997-trial run of CE * Dec 1997-Appointment of VP * Feb 1998-LP process completion * March 1998-roadmap completion * Fiduciary approaches Bright tiger for content replication. * 1 million usd in bank and expenditure at the rate of 600,000 usd per month. * April 1998- raised 8.6 miilion usd in equity. * July 1998-Webspective has 40 employees from previously 20. Questions: 1. When House joins the company, why are’nt the company’s products selling? How has the founding team gotten into this position? The product of the company is not having a broad scope to compete in the market. With companies like CISCO having broader products, its very difficult to compete in the market. So the company needs to create a more viable business model and upgrade the products.The technical solution of the

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