Wedding Crashers

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Wedding Crashers Wedding Crashers was the return of the "R" rated adult comedy movie, it was the sixth biggest grosser in 2005, it is a sex comedy about two men who crash weddings to meet single woman and deceive them to get them into bed. I believe the movie "Wedding Crashers" is against feminism. The two male characters treat women like sex objects to gain their need for sexual satisfaction. The movie stereotypes women to make them seem like sex objects, disregarding their personality and intelligence. I think the target audiences are men who are in their late 20s and early 30s that are successful and enjoy humorous adult comedy. The movie revolves around the two main characters, John Beckwith and Jeremy Grey. John and Jeremy are…show more content…
He usually wants to be uncommitted to relationships and have no strings attached sex. This is what John and Jeremy are doing by crashing these weddings. They do not want to get out of the phase they were in as adolescence, because they do not want to grow up. Chazz Reingold is the man who passed on all the rules to being a wedding crasher to John and Jeremy. He is a middle-aged man and still lives with his mother at her house. He rarely crashes weddings anymore because he has found an unlikely success in meeting girls by crashing funerals. He says "grief is nature 's most powerful aphrodisiac", therefore implying he is using the vulnerability of women at funerals to gain his sexual desires. He is taking advantage of women who are not in the right state of mind, which is very low in standards because again he is treating them as an ordinary object disregarding their feelings and intellect. Claire 's boyfriend Bradley is the testosterone-fueled person who assaults people but is always dismissed as harmless. He also is a cheating rat who treats Claire with great disrespect. When Bradley is in the bathroom throwing up and Claire asks him if he 's ok he responds in a rude sarcastic way saying "well Claire my head is buried in a toilet, what do you think? Why don 't you do the math ok?" He is talking to her with no regard towards her emotions and her feelings. He talks to her in a loud
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