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Entertaining Wedding Guests | Outdoor Wedding Venues DFW Attending a wedding is not always a pleasure, and the last thing a bride and groom want is for their wedding guests to wait for an opportune moment to escape. The following tips for entertaining wedding guests will help you to assure your guests will enjoy themselves in Paradise Cove’s outdoor wedding venues in DFW. 1. Make introductions at the rehearsal. Unless your families are from the same town and already know each other, a wedding brings together two families and sets of friends who are strangers. The solution is to bring family and other out of town guests together before the wedding. Invite them to the engagement party, or a small barbecue. For those who live distantly, invite them to the rehearsal and the following dinner the night before the wedding in our outdoor wedding venues in DFW. Introduce them to those they will share common interests with. When the wedding arrives guests will be more comfortable with each other, and the overall atmosphere will be more relaxed at both your outdoor wedding venues in DFW, and the reception. 2. Do not leave guests hanging. Do not leave guests hanging while you are busy with the photographer. Arrange for drinks and snacks to be available while family and guests wait. Provide seating and room to mingle, some music played low can help the crowd to relax and get in a celebration mood for the reception in Paradise Cove’s outdoor wedding venues in DFW. 3. Pre-reception

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