Wedding Dress By Maria Mcbride Mellinger

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Weddings are bigger than ever -- big business, that is, since the average first-time-married couple generates more than $ 20,000 in additional retail sales for their engagement, wedding, honeymoon and during their first year of marriage. For the wedding itself, 16 percent of the average budget is set aside just for outfitting the bridal party, according to statistics from the U.S. Department of Commerce. And more than half of that goes just for the bride 's gown and headpiece. But as any starry-eyed bride will tell you, whatever this dress of a lifetime costs, it 's worth it. "No other dress," writes Barbara Tober, former editor of Bride 's and Your New Home magazine in the introduction of "The Wedding Dress," a history of bridal fashions by Maria McBride-Mellinger, "can match the poetic heritage of the wedding dress or rival the sentimental attachment each bride has for her gown. " And she wears it for just one brief, shining moment in her life. A hand-sewn, made-to-measure gown was once the "representation of the highest standards of a couturier," as Tober describes it, but even mass manufacturing doesn 't tarnish its special mystique. Confusing as they may be when a bride is confronted with rack-after-rack of plastic-sheathed satin and lace, this diversity of choice allows her the luxury of expressing her personal style through her wedding dress. One of the newer names in the bridal market is Amsale Aberra, who has an unusual background for this line of fashion. Born in

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