Wedding Dress - Original Writing

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I limped the rest of the way and Kate made sure that I wouldn 't slip again. After what felt like forever we finally arrived into town and I spotted a big fancy wedding dress store. "Wow," I said as we approached the huge store. As we walked inside I noticed that the store looked even better than it did on the outside. The only wedding dresses looked like it was something a celebrity would wear and I couldn 't help but look at all the beautiful dresses. It was still early so we were probably the first ones in the store today. A young blonde girl that appeared to be in her early twenties walked over to us with an admiring look and I couldn 't help but wonder why she had that look. "What can I help you with, princess?" Ohhh it 's…show more content…
The fourth dress was just plain ugly so Kate 's face looked disgusted and Tammy understood. The fifth dress was really beautiful and I knew that it was a winner because Kate screamed with joy. "THAT 'S IT!!" Tammy smiled and I nodded in approval. "Let 's see how it looks on you," Tammy said guiding Kate to the fitting room. Kate soon came out in the dress looking like a queen and I clapped for her. "A-MAZIMG" I said I 'm awe and Kate smiled. Tammy agreed and then said "I usually sell it for 60 but I 'll give it to you for 30" Wow $30 that 's really cheap but a good deal. It wasn 't until I saw the price on the cash register that I realized she meant $30,000. Kate went back into the dressing room to change and she came back out with a smile. "Ok, thank you," Kate said after swiping her credit card and typing in the numbers. The dress was placed in a long clear bag so it wouldn 't get ruined. When I looked outside the window it was still raining. As we exited the store, I asked Kate where we were going next. "We 're going to buy your bridesmaid dress" "Why didn 't we just get it from that store? I 'm pretty sure they had bridesmaids dresses too" "Because I just want to go to a different store for that," Kate replied and I rolled my eyes. Picky much??? "I know the perfect store to get your dress anyway and we could get our shoes there too," Kate said and I nodded. Kate and I crossed the street and approached a small
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