Wedding Eulogy Essay

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I met my boyfriend at his father’s funeral. On May 24, 2017, I was at school when my mom got a phone call from my brother in law. He told her that one of his relatives died. Mariam the wife of the one who died. They were planning to do a funeral at their house at 6:00 pm. We got ready to go their house and were wearing all black. My mother, father, brother, sister, brother in law, grandma, and I all got in a car and drove to Mariam’s house. When we got there we knocked the door. Mohammed who 's the oldest of Mariam 's son opened the door. His face was full of tears it 's shaking voice. Mariam sons were standing one by one welcoming us. I thought of how polite and nice they are to welcome us even though they are in a very tragic situation.…show more content…
He came up to me to ask me if I want a bottle of water. I was excited and said “sure” he went and got me a bottle of water. When the funeral ended at 9:00 pm and I went back home. I was wondering that day if he paid attention to me or if he ever thought about me the way I think of him all the time. I was so excited to a point that the next day I went and told my mom and sister. At first, I thought that I shouldn 't say anything because I would get laughed at because it was a funeral and it was the wrong time and place to like someone. But I 'm not used to not telling my mother or sister about anything. So I did. My mom started laughing and said, “You liked him on his father funeral?!” I said, “Yes he’s really cute and he seems a nice guy, I want to see him again but when.” My sister said, “He’s busy with his father’s funeral and sad and you 're saying you want to go see him.” I didn’t say anything and didn’t do anything at the same because I knew that it’s not the right time to do anything. A few months later I was still thinking about Toto and want to see him, but I didn’t have any hope that I could see him again. And one day we decided to go on a lake and I heard that Toto and his family are going there also. I got so happy and excited, I went to the kitchen to see my mom and I was like “mom I’m so happy because I’m going to see Toto again, finally, I missed him so much.” My mom replied,

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