Wedding Is A Cultural Manifestation Of Marriage

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Weddings are a cultural manifestation of marriage. Lebanese marriages are directly related to their religious sectors and geographical placements. For example, a Christian Catholic couple will get married in a Catholic church and a Muslim-Sunni couple will get married at the Sunni Islamic court. In this article, I will elucidate the basic rituals of the traditional Lebanese Islamic wedding in Beirut. Then, I will expose socio-cultural burdens in this event within the Durkheimian sociology and Evolutionism. I will conclude by highlighting the simple version of an Islamic marriage.
A traditional Lebanese wedding in the capital city Beirut has a luxurious signature. Most of the Beiruti families tend to engage in complex marriage ceremonies.
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Those rituals are long-standing traditions to enhance the union between the two families.
Kateb Kitab is the legal marriage contract conducted in the Islamic court. It is completed in the presence of the sheikh (Islamic judge), two witnesses, the bride, and the groom. Before going to the Islamic court, the two families will meet to confirm the conditions of the marriage contract. It is essential to abide by the Islamic law (sharia) where the groom provides culturally listed expensive presents to the bride called “Mahr”. Mahr is composed of two large parts. The first part should be given before the actual legal marriage. This money is for the bride to buy outfits, jewelry, and ornaments. The second part is usually weighted in 8g gold lira coins. This is a debt on the husband to repay during his marriage. Sometimes the amount can reach up to 500 golden lira coins. A large amount of money from the Mahr increases the value of the bride. It’s socially acknowledged that paying the Mahr will be a huge investment for the groom. This will make him think twice before divorcing the bride. After the settlement is approved between the two parties, the written marriage contract is signed. They become legally and spiritually bound as husband and wife. This step is a critical point in the marriage. The family of the groom will try to abide by the contract to preserve their social status within the Beirut Society. The Beirutis will look down upon the family of the
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