Wedding Plan For A Wedding

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Wedding planners have one of the hardest jobs in the world. They cater to many new couples every day. A wedding planner has to be very careful about how to plan a wedding for a couple. They are supposed to be aware of the couples feeling, desires, and anything else to design a wedding perfect for the couple. In lesson one some of the qualities that are outlined I feel apply to me a great deal. One thing for instance is being organized and doing more than one things at a time. I can organize and juggle many different things very well. Another thing that applies to me is having a sixth sense I can usually tell what someone needs or what they are missing before they can even tell it. This is just a few things that apply to me there are also many other things that I feel apply to me as well. Wedding planning is a growing industry in today’s times. We are seeing more people getting into this profession. I had recently decided to apply for college for this profession. I decided that I would like to pursue wedding planning because I like to design different things and put things together for people like never before. I feel that I can bring many strong qualities to wedding planning. For instance I can handle more than one task at a time and get the event done on time. I have an eye for design and can help any couple plan a wedding of their dreams. I can also budget very well which learning unit one has taught me that being able to budget a wedding is very…

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