Wedding Speech : A Blessing

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A Blessing in Disguise

We are so proud of all our children and felt blessed to witness our oldest receive her diploma from nursing school on beautiful May afternoon. My life felt pretty rewarding and exceptionally happy as I celebrated another boastful accomplishment from one of our four amazing kids. Three weeks later that perfect life seemed to slip through my fingers with a call at three in the morning. The words, of your child is on a life flight and you need to get to here now made my heart exploded. Twelve hours away our youngest child was in a fight for his life and unbeknown to me this was just the beginning. The next twelve months produced so many twists and turns that forced me to change my direction in life. I could have never known that something so tragic could flip into a life changing experience that set me on a path to true happiness and fulfillment.
I always associate May with the end of school and graduations and celebrations. I now associate it with the accident that changed my life. My youngest son was involved in a rollover and he had to be resuscitated and intubated in ditch on the side of the highway. The ER prepped him for life flight and he was flown to St. Mary’s (Mayo) in Rochester and I couldn’t get to him for twelve hours. To sit on a flight and wonder as you turn your phone to airplane mode if he will slip away before you land is beyond describing. I never thought I would have to think about things like funeral preparation, or life
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