Wedding Speech : A Wedding

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Ask almost any woman in America how she feels about getting married and she will tell you that she loves the idea and has been dreaming about it since childhood. Because of this, almost every bride today has a vision of what they want that day to look like and what it should be. Women are brought up with the idea that the wedding day is the only time in a woman 's life where they get to dress, feel and be treated like a queen. And with royal thoughts like that, comes a lot of beauty and glamour. Weddings tend to have flowers, bands, photographers, videographers, caterers, and more. Wedding ceremonies are also often religious and are officiated as such due to customs and traditions in families and in societal culture as a whole. Planning a wedding in essence takes just as much hard work as a full time job. Most of the time, making a bride 's vision a reality takes between 100-200 hours of planning according to information in the Tucker (2000-2010) article "What is a Wedding Planner, Bridal Consultant REALLY?." If an individual takes into account that most people nowadays are getting married at older ages, men and women are so busy with work that they don 't really have the time necessary to plan a wedding appropriately. That also means that generally these people or couples are more established and should therefore have more money to spend on their special day. According to the Tucker (2000-2010) article "What is a Wedding Planner, Bridal
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