Wedding Speech : A Wedding

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Introduction In today 's culture, people want things done fast and easy without complications, especially when it comes to special events. After getting engaged, brides today want to think about all of the details that go into planning a dream wedding. Unfortunately, in today’s very busy society, couples that decide to get married don 't always have the time or the patience to plan a wedding. The popular thing to do now is not to simply plan your own wedding with family and friends, but instead to hire something to make the vision of the “dream wedding” for the bride to come alive. The title for this career is a Wedding Planner. This career takes on many roles including planning, organizing, decorating, coordinating, budgeting, etc. These professionals that decide to go this route in their career, work in a high-stress environment where they are responsible for making sure that the wedding goes smoothly and that the bride and guests are happy. Required Skills and Education Not everyone is born or can learn the skills required to be a wedding planner. To be successful in the industry, a wedding planner needs to hold certain personality traits. The particular traits that are needed to be successful are communication, patience, attention to detail, creativity, organization, resourcefulness, and money management. Something to notice is that not all of these attributes given can actually be “taught”. This is one of the most important things to recognize about this career
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