Wedding Speech Delivered by the Groom Essay

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Wedding Speech Delivered by the Groom

I’ll have to keep this speech short because of my shins . . . Nicola has threatened to kick them I go on too long. The humor here is that you think I’m joking.

I’d like to start by thanking you all on behalf of my wife and I, for sharing our special day. Thank you all for your kind wishes, cards and presents. I can’t wait to see how many stick on shower radios we get, and exactly how you wrap a wheelbarrow! Nicola and I have been worrying about this day for weeks and it means a great deal to us that you managed to make it. We hope you are all having a great time.

Thank you to Barry and Marilyn for making this day possible. Without their help and support, none of us would be here today. I
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I hope I can be everything you want from a son-in-law.

I would also like to thank my parents, who should really receive a medal for endurance. They have always loved and supported me through every stage of my life, particularly through my Kevin the teenager stage that seemed to last well into my twenties, and which Nicola may argue hasn’t ended yet. So thanks mum and dad for all the love and guidance. And especially the money. I have a present for you here mum, as a thank you.

We also need to thank Nicola’s stepfather Peter for organising the wonderful music during the ceremony, Rosemary for organising the cake and David for driving it here from Bristol in one piece.

We would also like to thank Jenny for making this room look as good as it does. And as small thank you, I have a gift here for you.

We would like to say how lovely Karen looks today, and thank her for giving Nicola all the support that she has in the run up to the wedding. I know you have been an excellent source of advice and reassurance for Nicola for the past few months. I also know that you organised a great hen party – and I will find out what happened one day. If you’d like to come up, I have a present here for you.

Thank you Chris for agreeing to be my best man. I’ve known Chris for nearly 15 years now, and he has been and will continue to be a great friend. Knowing him so well, I know that he will be extremely nervous about his speech right now, but
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