Wedding Speech - Original Writing

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“Mary!” “Time for dinner!” My mother’s harsh voice rang through the halls. She did this every night, called me down without ever warning me when. Anita, our maid couldn’t do this either. She was… different. Unlike my family. Anita has silky, dark brown skin and midnight black hair. She sleeps in the guest bedroom With only a small twin bed, and a bedside lamp on a small nightstand. She also has a small closet for her tiny assortment of clothing. My dad explained to my sisters and I, that she is a disgrace to us. She works with little pay for my family of six. There was something about her. Something that we shouldn’t hate her for, but I couldn’t recognize it. It’s 1963, and I’m finally going to be 15 in August. August 28, to be exact. Every day, I go to a private school for girls. I love school. I love my friends, and I actually like some of the homework. We have uniforms; navy A-line dresses, and black satin shoes. Nothing too fancy. At school, we learn the basic academics, algebra, literature, geography, and chemistry. There are very few girls of color. No one really likes them because we are all taught to dislike them. That they were used as slaves back then. However, that doesn’t really matter to me because I know that all of them are good people on the inside. “Mary,” Anita calls questioningly as I am working on homework. “What?” I ask. “Having trouble?” “No, I’m fine!” I yell back. “Well, if you just add the 6 and 8 you have your answer!” she said confidently. “ I

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