Wedding Speech - Original Writing

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For Katie’s birthday, she received a free trip to Europe to go with her mother. She has never been to Europe and it is a dream come true. They are going to get to go to Paris ! She has a poster of the Eiffel Tower above her bed frame. It looked big and bright and beautiful, like a dream. The next day, Katie began packing for her big trip. She went into her closet and drawers, she sprawled all her clothes on the floor. Since she would be in Paris for a week, she needed seven different outfits. She chose seven different outfits and three pairs of pajamas for her trip. She has a week left of school til her plane took off to take her to Paris . As soon as she got to school, she bragged to all of her friends about her trip. The trip is…show more content…
She is amazed and she couldn’t stop smiling. She couldn’t wait to tell her friends about her amazing time she is going to have while there. All of a sudden, she looked up and there is a man on the upper level who is yelling. She couldn’t make out exactly what he is saying. He is walking as if he is cocky and he is better than everyone else. Suddenly, a man behind him pushed him hard and the man stumbled and fell of the Eiffel Tower. Faithfulness Katie is at the mall and she decided to go to Yankee Candle. Her favorite scent is Red Velvet Cupcake because she loved to bake. Her dog, Lacey, loved the smell of the cupcakes. She went into the store and there are so many different smells and she went around smelling each one. She decided to get the Red Velvet Cupcake Candle and a car air freshener scent in Lavender. She drove home and she is so excited to show her mom what she bought. When she got home, her mom sniffed the candle and is shocked that it smelt fantastic. She tells Katie to light it and put it in the bathroom so that it would smell lovely in the morning. Katie lighted the candle and put in the bathroom. She took a shower and it smelt like Red Velvet Cupcakes. She got out and hung the towel and hopped into bed with Lacey lying next to her. Lacey got out of bed and is anxiously walking around the house. Lacey went into the bathroom and there is tons of smoke and the towel is on fire. Lacey began to howl and Katie is twisting and
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