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Once upon a time there was a gentleman who took for his second wife the proudest and haughtiest woman that was ever seen. She had two daughters who were just like her in every way, bad disposition and all. The husband had a young daughter of his own, but she was sweet and good. She took after her mother, who had been the best in the world.
The marriage ceremony was hardly over when the stepmother 's temper flared up. She could not abide this young girl, whose goodness made her own daughters seem more hateful than ever. She gave the vilest household tasks; it was Cinderella who scoured the pots and scrubbed the stairs, Cinderella who polished the bedchamber of madame and also those of her daughters.
Cinderella slept on a wretched straw pallet in a miserable garret away up in the top of the house. Her sisters lay on beds of the latest fashion in fine chambers with inlaid floors and great mirrors in which they could admire themselves from the tops of their silly heads to the bottom of their feet. The poor girl put up with everything. She dared not complain, even to her father. He would only have scolded her, because-alas!-he was tied hand and foot to his wife 's apron strings.
Then her work was done, Cinderella would creep to the chimney corner and sit there in the ashes, earning for herself the nickname, Cinderseat. But her younger step-sister, who was not quite so rude as the elder, gave her the name of Cinderella, and Cinderella she was. In spite of her rags, however,

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