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She feels her chest pounding and a tear rolling down her cheek as he is kneeling with a small box in his hands. The diamond sparkles in the dim light as she softly replies, “Yes,” in the silent room that was anxiously waiting for her response. Soon the day had arrived, and as she took a deep breath to smell her bouquet of fresh roses, she realized her life had already changed a long time ago. There was nothing to be nervous of, she had already been living with him for three years and the only thing that would change would be her last name. Still, she felt goose bumps as she saw her bridesmaids and parents looking at her excited and eager for her wedding day. As she drinks water to get rid of the bitter taste she had in her mouth she…show more content…
The attire and reception after the ceremony are an example of these common elements across the cultures. Many cultures have adopted what is known as the traditional western custom of the “white wedding” where the bride wears a white wedding gown and veil. It hasn’t been until recently that many people have begun to question this tradition since the white gown is supposed to symbolize sexual purity (Bondy, 2014, p. 11). This is why some women do not usually decide on a white dress and veil if it is their second or subsequent wedding. In fact, I have noticed that it is becoming a trend that some women are getting married in other colors like, pale pink, blush, nudes, and champagne. It’s amazing that there are people out there who are not afraid to try new things and be unique. Perhaps if more people began to drift away from traditions, we could all create a new idea of weddings and value the true meaning of having them. After all, the true personality of any wedding whether it is small, simple, or sumptuous, comes from only one thing: the couple. An ordinary wedding could become extraordinary by simple affection and warmth from the couple, and not by having the fanciest white dress or by being so traditional. On a new note, a tradition that has definitely faded out for the most part is the one where the bride’s father pays for the wedding. According to the Daily Mail

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