Wedding Speech - Original Writing

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“Beep! Beep! Beep!” My alarm clock only had to ring three times for me to turn it off and hop out of bed that morning. The day before I had hit snooze twice refusing to get up, but today was different, it held a special purpose. I pulled on my bathing suit, a pair of shorts, and a hoodie, and ran down the steps into the kitchen. My mom was in her usual morning spot, in a big white chair off the kitchen with her bible open, and her reading glasses on. On the table were two pieces of cinnamon toast on a napkin for me she had prepared. My dad was standing at the sink filling two water bottles, and was wearing his favorite green Patagonia board shorts. “Ready to go?” my dad smiled. “Yep!” I replied. “Don’t forget your toast! I love you! Have…show more content…
Plus, we were so excited to surf that we didn’t think much of it. The Dingees played through the speakers, a nineties ska band that my dad loved. Even though I didn’t know exactly what the lead singer was saying, I loved it because that’s what he always played whenever we went to the beach. The sun beamed through the clouds and down on the city as we drove over the thirty-fourth street bridge, and made its way into our eyes forcing us to put down our sun visors. My favorite kind of days were Daddy and Kate kind of days, especially the ones like these. The days when we woke up early to go surfing with hot chocolate in hand, waves on our mind, and pure stoke in our souls. To me, no other day could compare to days like these. We took small sips out of our cardboard cups, and giggled with each other at stupid stuff on the way. There was always something to laugh at when I was with him, whether it was a silly dad-joke or a game he had made up. This time, we were making up phrases after the letters on the license plates of whatever car was in front of ours. “4 FAHL. What could that stand for?” we thought for a minute. “Four farting aliens having lunch!” he blurted out. We laughed like crazy, and made up more all the way through Ocean City. Our home beach was fifty-ninth street, but the waves were supposed to be better in Strathmere, so we decided to try something new. As we drove past our beach and over the bridge into Strathmere, I was in awe of a
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