Wedding Speech : Renewing Your Wedding

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Renewing Your Wedding Vows | Outdoor Wedding Venues Dallas
There are many reasons couples renew their wedding vows. You may be nearing your 10th, 25th, or 50th wedding anniversary. Perhaps the original wedding was less than ideal, or you may have made it through a rough time in your relationship. You may want the world to know you are committed to each other, or perhaps you want to keep the ceremony small with close family and friends. There is no wrong reason to renew your commitment to each other. Paradise Cove offers luxurious outdoor wedding venues in Dallas for couples young and old. We are committed to those just starting a life together, and those who want to renew their lifelong commitment to each other.
Because you are already married, some things are different. For example, you do not need a marriage license or a clergyman. You can simply state your vows, or a relative can read your vows.
There are few rules during the renewal ceremony for your outdoor wedding venues in Dallas.
Formal Invitations
The invitation is similar to a general wedding invitation, with the exception of there being no host at the top of the invitation. Mail the invitations at least two months prior to the ceremony. It should simply state the following for example:
Mr. and Mrs. John Doe (or Jane and Jon Doe) request the honor of your presence at the renewal (or reaffirmation) of the wedding vows…
However, if the children or grandchildren of the couple issue the invitation it could read, for…
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