Wedding Speech : The Business Of Wedding

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The traditional wedding dress, beautiful flowers, a fancy cake, the wonderfully decorated church filled with family and close friends…. every little girl dreams of one day having a fairy tale wedding. With little thought around what her husband will be like, what kind of wife she will be or how much this big elaborate wedding will cost, she sees herself as a beautiful bride. Most women, and a few men, think of their wedding day as being one of the most important days of their lives. Their wedding day is planned with the intentions of being a once in a lifetime kind of event, their childhood fantasy, a dream come true. This day has to be perfect and so the first step is to figure out how to seamlessly make this dream become a reality. With proper planning, what she sees can be what she gets. There is a way to plan a memorable wedding on a budget. It may just require some assistance from an expert.
The Business of Wedding Planning To many people, the business of event planning seems like a walk in the park. Most people think there is not much to it. They do not realize how involved event planning is or the amount of skills required to get the job done. To them, event planning is a dream job, easy money. The idea of getting paid to plan a wedding is exciting, and though this part may be true, there has to be some thought around what planning a wedding or any event for that matter, entails. Truthfully speaking, the job of a wedding planner is definitely undervalued. Wedding…
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