Wedding Speech : The Business Of Wedding

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The traditional wedding dress, beautiful flowers, a fancy cake, the wonderfully decorated church filled with family and close friends…. every little girl dreams of one day having a fairy tale wedding. With little thought around what her husband will be like, what kind of wife she will be or how much this big elaborate wedding will cost, she sees herself as a beautiful bride. Most women, and a few men, think of their wedding day as being one of the most important days of their lives. Their wedding day is planned with the intentions of being a once in a lifetime kind of event, their childhood fantasy, a dream come true. This day has to be perfect and so the first step is to figure out how to seamlessly make this dream become a reality. With…show more content…
For as many people that feel that event planning is a job that should be adequately compensated, there are many people that feel that it shouldn’t. “There’s a myth that planning events is easy and that anyone can do it.” (Hardy, J. 2016) The reality is that this is not something that just anyone can do. There may be quite a bit of wedding planning tools and wedding accessories available online, but who will provide their expert opinion, make recommendations based on experience or possess the creativity that the bride may lack to birth her vision.
As of October 2013, the salary ranges for a wedding planner (also known as a wedding coordinator, wedding consultant, or a bridal consultant) was $26, 000 - $34,000 with the average salary being $33,519. (Hard, R. 2016) However, in 2010, the national average salary for the overall business of event planning including wedding planners, was quoted by as ranging between $47,000 - $64,000. With benefits, it could fall around $78,839. By the end of 2015, the average event planner salary was about $58,545; with benefits, the salary could reach up to $85,231. (Hard, R. 2016, March 14) This information could vary based on sourcing and could be different based on demographics. For example, the business of event planning is very popular in New York and Long Island. Therefore, opportunities for wedding planners in these areas may be
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