Wedding Speech : The Wedding Of The Wedding By The Bride

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I’ve always wished for a happily ever after. A man I love, amazing honeymoon and to live a happy life style. That did not happen to me, I got a man that I hate. I spent a week in court and my life will be sent in prison. But don’t forget that I will have a very depressing life. All of this was caused of two things a annoying mother and a flower. This is how it all started, once upon a time there is a wonderful young lady (me) and a dashing young man. Soon those two people were friends and then dating and then engaged. I was to be a lucky bride soon to have a wonderful husband. My husband’s name is John. Both of our fathers had past away and so we both have are wonderful mothers. We never really met each others mothers because John’s…show more content…
“Hold on what are you talking about! One, my name is not Selah it is Clara and two, that I did not even apologize to no one!” She goes and responds in a whisper “That's not what I heard.” I had no idea how to respond. It did not feel good knowing that my future mother-in-law seems to be a pain in the butt and does not even know my name. The rest of the conversation went on like that and IT WAS NOT FUN all we did was argue about me!!! At the end when she was trying to whisper to John and was not wanting me to listen but I could still hear her say “I don’t like that girl you should blow this whole thing off and John just sites there. If she thinks on blowing this whole thing off then the wedding is off and then my life will be sad and alone. The next day was a great day for a wedding. Everyone showed up and my mom was as strong as ever so she was able to come. The ceremony was just as I imagined it would be. The bright white lights, the red flowers around the room and the sound of piano filling up the silence as walk to alter. The ceremony was magical. My wedding gown was a princess dress with lace from the waist down and the rest up was plain. All the bridesmaids wore red long dresses and the men wore tuxedos with red ties. It was a perfect traditional wedding we said our values then kissed and everyone went to the reception room to party. At the reception the decorations were similar to the ones in the church. As soon as me and
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