Wedding Tips For Golden Wedding

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Golden wedding is a start-up local occasion planner which will be located at Mid Valley,Kuala Lumpur. Our concept is “Happily Ever After”. This business provides full-time service with expertise in events management, so it can be one stop shop for customer’s wedding planner. As a new challenger in this wedding planner business the partners introduced a new concept for the customers. The concept of this wedding planner business is the wedding themes . It is a new service launched to customers as they can enjoy their memorable moment in a different theme without much stress for the wedding of their dreams.
Golden Wedding Planner is a business started out as a partnership by the three of us which is Ragamalini Krishnan,Jasmine Sasha and Geethanjali Muniandi.Golden Wedding Planner is a company that provides services for wedding, holy unions and anniversaries.Our company is unique in a way that we give our clients our undivided attention. We listen to their needs and work with them to create their event of their dreams.Our services includes beautician, photography ,videography, wedding car designing ,catering ,DJ music ,stage decoration.Golden Wedding Planner has a tons of themes and the most famous one’s are Sea View,Outer Space and Forest house.
We estimate that the start up cost will be RM400,000(including legal cost,logo design,advertising and related expenses).An additional of RM 300,000 capital will be required in the bank account as an operating capital for the first two…

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